Climate Change - Limiting emissions

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide in particular, is a key concern for modern society. Our business produces CO2 as a result of the combination of the chemical conversion of limestone/dolomite and the combustion energy used to fire kilns.

Lhoist takes a constructive approach to the reduction of our environmental footprint.



  • At the Hermalle factory, the addition of a stone preheater designed for calcination has allowed us to considerably improve the energy and environmental performances of the large rotary kiln, with the following benefits: 

    - Energy savings (-29%)
    - A reduction of 60,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted
    - A reduction in the rate of fine dust particles (-8%)

  • This investment of €15 million is the proof of the importance given by the Group to new environmental solutions. It also shows the trust of the Group in the development of the Walloon region.

  • At Marche-en-Famenne, on the Gerny plateau, a biomethanisation unit could soon materialise further to an initiative by Egernylux. Thanks to this unit, the biogas from effluent treatment produced by neighbouring farms will be transformed into green electricity and used by Lhoist. 
  • Lhoist is one of the main developers of inter-modal transport in the Walloon region: the Group uses both waterway and railway transportation where possible to complete or replace road transportation, by offering a personalised service to its customers. More specifically, if maritime containers need to be sent from the Hermalle site, they are first of all loaded on barges to head to the departure port instead of being transported by road.