Career Development

Do you have innovative and dynamic ideas and a commitment to help us continuously improve?  While our business may appear simple, it is complex and will surprise and challenge you every day.

At Lhoist, safety is everyone’s daily responsibility that we place a serious focus upon. Our most important resource is our people. We all act as stewards of safety, committed to maintaining a secure and healthy workplace for everybody. We need people with the enthusiasm to learn and the aspiration to grow.

With Lhoist, you will be part of a truly global team, sharing ideas at every level of the organization, learning from peers as well as interacting with senior management, helping you progress along your career path.

Looking for a great place to work, exceptional opportunities for growth and competitive rewards? Look no further. We offer an attractive benefits package andthe possibility to constantly broaden your skill set.

Investing in people for the long term

At Lhoist, you have the opportunity to set your career direction and create development plans in collaboration with your management. We offer access to multidisciplinary and international assignments as well as a comprehensive range of development opportunities. We encourage the crossfertilization of ideas and best-practice sharing to support you every step of the way. That  starts from day one.

Getting you started

We provide employees with a customized on-boarding and orientation experience to ensure success right from the start. You will meet people with different degrees of seniority and will discover diverse functions that will help you build relationships and your personal network quickly. You will also have the chance to take part in training programs aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of our industry, processes and applications, as well as our Lhoist Group history.

Mentoring and developing

Our managers are committed and trained to actively develop each member of their team and set challenging and rewarding objectives with them. Frequent constructive feedback is given with regards to progress. Regular performance appraisals provide an occasion to discuss and update individual development plans and outline learning opportunities to meet new goals. In addition to on-the-job training, Lhoist offers challenges to all employees to develop their functional and leadership skills and encourages curiosity and openness.

Lhoist University

We believe that people learn by doing and sharing. Our commitment to employee development is reinforced through Lhoist University, a group-wide platform that offers a high standard of global internal training. It also provides an opportunity to meet and interact with peers and senior management from all around the world. More than 150 occasional trainers are mobilized to delivering programs and sharing their expertise and experience during training sessions organized across the Group. 150 experts train 6,400 employees with 13 global programs ...


Broadening your horizons

Recognizing your value

Lhoist is more than just a company made up of individuals; we are a global team and a far-reaching family. That sentiment extends to the importance we place on recognizing the value you help us add to our customers’ businesses. You will be encouraged to strive for excellence in everything that you do. We will reward your efforts with an attractive, performance-based salary as well as a number of other interesting benefits.

Global opportunities

Opportunities for international exposure vary from one-off projects to help solve urgent issues, to short- or longer-term assignments for the transfer of knowledge and expertise. These openings are available to employees at different levels. International assignments are of particular interest to employees looking to expand their global leadership capabilities with Lhoist.

International assignments

Lhoist has a worldwide presence and a proactive aim of supporting the crossfertilization of ideas and best-practice sharing. This helps foster the global development of leaders and experts from inside the company. We support employees who seek to broaden their experience in other geographies and with other cultures through international assignments and projects.