Drinking & Process Water

 Drinking & Process Water

Drinking & Process Water

Lime and dolomitic lime based products are used in various stages of domestic, industrial and process water treatment. These products correct the drinking water hardness and prevent the formation of scale, facilitate organic matter flocculation, precipitate phosphates and heavy metals in industrial water and kill bacteria by raising the pH and sometimes the temperature.

Akdolit® is the global Lhoist brand for products and services used for drinking and process water treatment.



Drinking water

Drinking water must be pure as it is crucial to sustaining human life on earth. As an integral part of the water purification process, milk of lime or lime slurry eliminates undesirable components, such as organic matter and metallic trace elements. It also softens or remineralizes drinking water in order to achieve a calco-carbonic balance.


When water is too soft (too acid), it can damage metallic pipes. Lime neutralizes the corrosive action of the dissolved carbonic acid by transforming it into a calcium formulation. This leads to hydrogen carbonate.



If water is too hard, it forms scale and needs to be decarbonized. Two types of processes are used for this: fast pellet reactor and slow decarbonization. We provide special types of milk of lime or lime slurry that are particularly well-suited to decarbonization. They ensure fast reaction time, low particle size and high concentration.

pH correction

pH adjustment using milk of lime/lime slurry is the most important use of lime in the transformation of ground water into drinking water. Lime is more effective than other alkaline products and offers greater flexibility in terms of water input quality.

Process water

Many industries need large quantities of softened water, particularly as cooling water for circuits and boilers, in order to prevent the formation of scale. Milk of lime or lime slurry is used in the preparation of process water as a cost-effective treatment that softens water by precipitating the bicarbonates dissolved in the water.

Lhoist’s milk of lime/lime slurry products are ideal for decarbonization, offering fast reaction time, low particle size and high concentration.