Our actions with regards to health and safety

At Lhoist, health and safety are part of our core values. Integrating them in all the aspects of our profession allows us to achieve the best standards, by ensuring the health and safety of our employees, our customers, our subcontractors, our suppliers as well as the populations with whom we interact.


The managers and staff collaborate on a permanent basis in order to make sure the working conditions do not affect their health and safety. We believe that any accident, injury and work related illness can be avoided. Our goal is to reach a zero rate for each of them. Continuous improvement is an essential element that allows us to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. 

This realisation, combined with an action plan (safety, order and cleanliness policy, auditing of work conditions, 15-minute safety briefings, safety passports, training at the workstation, sharing experience...) has allowed us, in the space of 5 years, to divide the number of work related accidents on Lhoist’s Belgian sites by 15. 

Our relatives, young and old alike, are invited to discover our professions and the related risks as part of our “family safety days”. Participants will have the opportunity to join in on different themed activities (individual protection, working at height, first aid, fire hazards, manual handling of loads...) specifically created for them to enjoy.