Art collection

Art is part of Lhoist's overall policy.

It builds the group’s identity, lending impetus and serving as inspiration. It contributes to the history, spirit, vision and values of the Lhoist Group.

In a company with over 50 nationalities, art fosters social connectedness, promoting integration and understanding between worlds. The 2,000 pieces of the Lhoist Group’s art collection include photography, sculptures, paintings and drawings. They raise questions, spark discussions, promote dialogue and cement relationships between individuals. 

Grey stone sculpture in front of grass and trees
Tony Cragg, Untitled, 2007 Lhoist Group Collection

Collaboration with artists

The 400 artists from very diverse backgrounds whose works are included in our collection defend common values. Their sensitivity to what is happening in the world leads them to analyze, denounce, reject, or sublimate, exerting an influence on the awakening, curiosity and development of the spirit of tolerance and reflection. 

Art sparks audacity, it has the power to change the world and help us flourish. The notions of creativity and innovation, which are key elements to our group’s success, are shared through our collection. Art is displayed in the workspaces to promote and stimulate the spirit of inventiveness. 

The company thus becomes a place of personal development offering employees the opportunity to enrich themselves culturally and intellectually. Finally, the “beauty” that art evokes is a source of wonder and enchantment. 

The collection is not open to the public. It is exhibited in the workspaces and, being a conduit for internal communication, is solely intended for the group’s employees. 

The collection addresses important current themes such as the environment, community and solidarity.                  

photo of ball in between two tree trunks
Gabriel Orozco, Green Ball, 1995

Artistic commissions

Artistic commissions have enhanced the collection with specific contributions that are directly related to the group and its activities. 

Commissioning new and unique creations implies a relationship of trust between the patron and the artist who is given the freedom to create a work that would not have seen the light without this relationship. The commissioned work goes beyond simple patronage, becoming genuine support for artistic creation, from concept to completion. 

The first Lhoist commissions were sculptures that were specifically created for designated spaces inside and outside our head office. Later commissions revolved around photography, focusing on the sites and the production processes as "documentary" sources for industrial archaeology and for the collective memory. The “environmental” portraits of people in quarry and work situations reflects the human aspect of our industrial group. 

Current exhibition

The current exhibition is called “A day without laughter… is a day wasted” (Charlie Chaplin) and was developed as part of our employees’ return to their offices after many months of absence because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Photo of three tupperwares making a shadow with yellow background
Claus Goedicke I-45, 1991 Lhoist Group Collection

Partnerships and Membership

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