Limestone and its different facets

Limestone is found all over the world. Because every deposit has very specific origins in terms of timeframe, they all feature different characteristics.

Although the molecules involved are always the same, limestone can develop in a variety of colors with unique structures. Even when deposits are close geographically, separate geological histories can make them very diverse. In France, for example, limestone that is as hard as rock can be found just 1,000 km from limestone that is so soft that it can be cut like butter. Hard limestone is preferred for lime manufacture.

See examples below :

  • Yellow rock from Poland
  • Dark, almost black rock from Brazil (purest)
  • Limestone with a lot of coral and shell elements from the Danian-age, (origins are in Denmark) that comes from the Early Tertiary times, i.e. 62-65 million years ago, soon after the extinction of dinosaurs.