Our high iron dead-burnt dolomite products protect equipment (EAF, ladles, etc.) during the thermal processes used in the iron & steel industry.

Lhoist’s brands for our refractories solutions and products are Dolofrit® and Doloram®:

  • Dolofrit® products are designed for repairs of iron & steelmaking vessels. Dolofrit® are high density  refractory materials manufactured from dead-burnt dolime, enriched with iron oxide to aid rapid sintering and to be self-compacting.
  • Doloram® is a product portfolio of ramming materials with high packing density for iron and steelmaking vessels. Doloram® products are made from specially graded minerals, to ensures a high ram packed density with high hot strength.

EAF Hot Repairs

Dolofrit® products designed for EAF hot repairs (fettling) are used for the maintenance of EAF hearth and EAF banks, including steep banks with an high slope angle.

Suitable for all EAF technologies, sizes and steel grades, Dolofrit® products are applied by spinning/spreading machine or by hand. 

Dolofrit® products are high performance materials with worldwide references characterized by:

  • Excellent Value-In-Use 
  • Easily & quickly applied
  • Fast sintering
  • High resistance toward metal and slag penetration
  • Designed to stay where placed

Key product: Dolofrit® 180 XP

Raw materials for monolithics

Dolofrit® products suited for monolithic refractories are used as ingredient for refractory formulations including hot and cold repairs products for iron and steelmaking vessels (e.g. ramming mix, fettling mass, gunning material, etc.).

Key products: Dolofrit® 318 & Dolofrit® 112

EAF ramming mass

Doloram® products formulated for EAF ramming mass are used for installation and cold maintenance of EAF hearth and banks.

Doloram® products fits with all EAF technologies, sizes and steel grades. Products are installed dry by vibration or ramming, no dry-out or preheated required.

Doloram® products are trusted materials with high achievements characterized by:

  • Fast and easy re-lining operations 
  • Suitable for steep banks with an high slope angle
  • Excellent sintering behaviour
  • High resistance towards scrap impacts, steel melt, slag attack and hot erosion

Key products: Doloram® M70 and Doloram® WC6

Backfill material

Doloram® products manufactured for backfilling purposes are used as backfill of dolomite, magnesia or magnesia-carbon wear lining of EAF and ladles.

Key product: Doloram® T40  


Reheat furnace hearth

Dolofrit® products designed for reheat furnaces are used as “sacrificial layer” to protect hearth of reheat furnaces from scale.