Group Environment Policy

Lhoist has drawn up an environmental charter to ensure that we are a responsible partner for those close to our operations. We use for example:

  • proprietary blasting technologies to limit vibrations
  • programs to counter noise pollution
  • recycled wastewater to wash vehicles before they leave the site
  • suppressant techniques on roadways to limit dust
  • rehabilitation of sites into nature reserves at the end of their life.

This charter ensures that we, at a minimum, comply with applicable regulations. Where such directives are not in place, we operate under Lhoist-adopted best practices.

Actively managing by-products

Lhoist takes its responsibility for dealing with by-products from its operations extremely seriously. We constantly try to limit the amount we produce. This is a concern at every stage of processing. By-products are reused where possible and are processed and commercialized if feasible. We comply with all local requirements and standards in this area.