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A blend of saponite and calcium bentonite, made especially for fresh water drilling fluids. Also used as an additive in stucco and as a pond liner.


IGBA is a low grit industrial grade calcium bentonite specially activated for yielding higher aqueous viscosities. Used in a variety of building products: stucco and tape joint compounds.

Imvite 1016

A low grit gelling clay produced from saponite. Its unique characteristics make this product of particular value in drilling applications, stucco, waste water treatment, stabilizing trenches and curtain walls, landfill lining and as a pond and irrigation ditch sealant.


A moderately finely ground sepiolite product, with less grit, useful as a suspension clay in some fertilizer applications. Sepiogel-R can also be effectively used in some industrial applications.

Granular Clays

IMV offers granular clays of various mesh sizes for use as carriers and pet litter. Contact IMV for specific applications.


An industrial grade calcium bentonite of low grit content and low gel strength.


A finely ground, industrial grade of sepiolite for use in a wide range of building products such as: asphalt roof coatings, automotive undercoatings, tape joint compounds, stucco, spackling compounds, and mortar mixes.

Sea mud

An API recognized Sepiolite specialty drilling mud for use in brine type fluids. Sea Mud functions in a broad range of pH's, has high hole-cleaning capacity and develops gelling characteristics in both saline and fresh water.


A much more finely ground sepiolite clay with no additives, which is degritted during milling.  This finely ground colloidal clay may be used in caulks, sealants, mastics, roof coatings and paints.


A sepiolite product used as a binder for fire retardant coatings.


A relatively coarse (up to 5% greater than 60 mesh-microns) Sepiolite clay offering performance in clay based asphalt emulsions. Film properties such as Wet Track Abrasion are dramatically improved.