Lhoist’s production facilities and storage and distribution centers are located in the industrial heartlands of Europe and in North and South America. Our operations, combined with our ability to optimally blend transportation modes, enable us to provide reliable and fast deliveries around the world.



Flexibility and reliability around the globe

  • Lime, dolomite and minerals change chemically when in contact with humidity, making their delivery complex. The nature of our products requires that they are handled, stored and transported carefully.
  • Our technicians and logistic specialists have broad knowledge and can therefore design the optimal logistical solution for you. In each of our plants, we employ local experts who are familiar with your needs and the conditions surrounding your specific business.
  • From our facilities, we deliver more than 40 million tons annually to clients around the globe by rail, road, river, short- and deep-sea maritime networks. No matter where in the world they are located, we can always meet our clients’ logistical requirements.
  • Today, we also supply emerging markets such as South Africa and Asia through innovative and flexible transportation arrangements.
  • Global presence, proven expertise, reliability and ability to provide cost-efficient and customized logistics are more excellent reasons to choose Lhoist.