Animal Sanitation

Animal Sanitation

Lhoist limestone and hydrated lime products are widely used in animal sanitation applications as farmers and consumers increasingly turn to all-natural, environmentally-friendly solutions. They are also included in some formulations of litter for domestic pets.

Saniblanc® is the global Lhoist brand for animal sanitation products and related services.

Livestock Sanitation

Burning limestone and/or dolomite refines calcium/magnesium to calcium/magnesium oxide, making Saniblanc® an extremely natural product. It is available as a fine powder, in granular form or mixed with water as milk of lime/lime slurry. It protects livestock health in a number of ways.

Our product Saniblanc®:

  • protects cattle and poultry against a broad range of bacteria, viruses and parasites, especially hoof diseases.
  • lowers the number of germs carried in feces in a liquid manure drainage system.
  • is recognized as long-lasting veterinary pathogen inhibitors due to the rise in pH value they create.
  • reduces and destroys pathogens in a natural way to enhance stall hygiene so that resistance is not developed.
  • has no toxic effect on warm-blooded creatures.
  • enables liquid manure to flow better and limits surface scum formation; the calcium/magnesium can be spread over fields to nourish plants.
  • is very economical.

Saniblanc® has been approved for the treatment of poultry disease and bird flu (H5N1) in the UK. Recent scientific research at the Institut Pasteur (Lille, France) shows that the bird flu virus is rendered inactive by lime at 4°C within 5 minutes. 

Pet litter

Carefully-sized limestone particles are an ingredient in some formulations of pet litter as a pH adjustment component in order to neutralize odors. Lime is also one of the basic raw materials used in the production of synthetic pet litters – mainly composed of calcium hydro silicates.