Animal Sanitation

Animal Sanitation

Lhoist limestone and hydrated lime products are widely used in animal sanitation applications, as farmers and consumers increasingly turn to all-natural, environmentally-friendly solutions. Our products are also included in some formulations of litter for domestic pets.

Livestock Sanitation

Burning limestone and/or dolomite refines calcium/magnesium to calcium/magnesium oxide, making our lime and dolime products extremely natural products. They are available as a fine powder, in granular form or mixed with water as lime slurry. They protect livestock health in a number of ways.

Our products:

  • protect cattle and poultry against a broad range of bacteria, viruses and parasites, especially hoof diseases.
  • lower the number of germs carried in feces in a liquid manure drainage system.
  • are recognized as long-lasting veterinary pathogen inhibitors due to the rise in pH value they create.
  • reduce and destroy pathogens in a natural way to enhance stall hygiene so that resistance is not developed.
  • have no toxic effect on warm-blooded creatures.
  • enable liquid manure to flow better and limit surface scum formation; the calcium/magnesium can be spread over fields to nourish plants.
  • are very economical.


Pet litter

Carefully-sized limestone particles are an ingredient in some formulations of pet litter as a pH adjustment component in order to neutralize odors. Lime is also one of the basic raw materials used in the production of synthetic pet litters – mainly composed of calcium hydro silicates.