Our Environment

From Day One...

In the early 1900s, H.C. Spinks, who operated a business that mined foundry sand and gravel in northern Kentucky, learned of an area in Tennessee that held some of the richest clay deposits found anywhere in the world. Realizing the great potential that the land posed for his business, Spinks purchased a sizable parcel of the property, which was located in the northwestern region of the state.

Spinks soon learned that the rich clay deposits weren't the only valuable resource specific to the area. He noticed that his newly acquired land was equally rich in natural beauty. So in 1916, he founded H.C. Spinks Clay Company and began making these resources available to the public.

The company has since grown to become a leading producer of clay minerals for a number of industries. But through the years, we've never lost sight of the same scenic beauty that H.C. Spinks noticed nearly a century ago.

That's why at Spinks Clay, we take extra care in preserving the land we utilize.



Partners with the Land

In any successful business, high value must be placed on partnerships -relationships with employees, with customers and with the community. In the clay-mining profession, one critical partnership must never be ignored - a working relationship with the land and respect for all it provides. At Spinks Clay, we are dedicated to preserving the environment in which we work and live. This dedication means taking extra steps to restore the land to its former appearance and productivity, a practice we've maintained for decades.

From Clay to Cattle

By visiting the three counties in which Spinks Clay operates, you can't help but notice the importance of agriculture in the area. Fields planted with corn, hay and soy beans; dense forests; and grazing pastures for cattle and horses dominate the terrain. In fact, the Spinks family introduced purebred Hereford cattle to Henry County in 1937. But what you probably won't notice is that much of the land was once mined for its rich clay deposits.

The key to achieving this metamorphosis is in Spinks Clay's attention to the fragile cycle of nature. From site selection through the entire mining process, we keep on important fact in mind: The land was producing long before we came, and it must be returned to its maximum utility when we're finished. So to accomplish proper restoration, we think in terms of a land-use cycle. At the beginning of the land-use cycle, our mining crews excavate the site, removing the overburden and setting it aside for future use before removing the clay minerals. When the mining operations are concluded, the earth is contoured to minimize erosion, the overburden is replaced, the soil is prepared, and the land-use cycle is completed. What remains will support new life to meet the needs of man and nature. Understanding the importance of our priorities, such as proper care for the land, has been a hallmark of H.C. Spinks Clay Company since 1916.