Our needs

Lhoist's lime and minerals production process can be segmented into three main categories that represent our supply needs.






Our key purchasing categories



Products and services consumed during limestone, dolomite and minerals extraction:

  • Heavy Mobile Equipment
  • Quarry equipment and consumables
  • Quarry services (Overburden removal, Blasting, Quarry operations, ...)
  • Explosives
  • Lubricants
  • Diesel fuel


Products and services consumed during limestone and minerals conversion, including fuels used for the calcination of extracted minerals:

  • Large Assets and consumables : stone preparation, calcination,
    filtration, milling, hydration
  • Fuels & Energy : fossil energy sources, renewable fuels, electricity
  • Manufacturing Services: Engineering, Assets Fabrication, Maintenance, ...
  • Electrical and process control equipment/software
  • Refractories and lining services
  • Chemical additives
  • Temporary Labor
  • Packaging


Products and services consumed beyond the conversion process (R&D and S&GA*).

  • Information Technology (IT) products and services
  • Corporate Services : Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, ...
  • Travel and car fleet
  • Laboratory equipment and consumables

* S&GA: Sales & General Administration


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