Product categories

Lhoist processes a wide range of products of different sizes to be used for various applications. These products fall into two main catergories: LIME and MINERALS. In each category, Lhoist develops customized solutions and specialty products. These include oxides, hydrates, milk of lime/lime slurry, minerals and blends that have been specifically treated to be used for distinct applications.


Two main categories


1. Lime

1.1. Calcined products - Oxides (Quicklime and Dolime)

Pebble: the largest size of calcined product (generally 15mm – 50/60mm) also referred to as lump lime.

Rice: the intermediate size of calcined product (generally 2mm-15mm) also called rice-sized lime.

Fine: the smallest size of calcined product (generally 0mm – 2mm) also known as fine lime.

Milled: a powered calcined product further reduced in size though processing in mills.

1.2. Hydrated products - Hydroxides

Hydrated lime and hydrated dolime: dry powder.

Putty lime: a paste of hydrated lime. 

Milk of lime – slurry: a suspension of calcium hydroxide in an excess of water that is white in color, giving it its name.


2. Minerals

2.1. Carbonates (limestone and dolomite)

Crushed: stones extracted from the quarry and treated by primary and secondary crushers in order to reduce their size.

Ground: crushed stones that have undergone a third reduction process in a grinder that turns them into a granular or sand-like texture.

Milled: ground stone that has been through a further reduction process via a mill to create a dry powder of particles down to an average particle size of 3 microns or even finer.

Granulated: by compaction or pelletization of powder, the creation of coarser materials with improved characteristics (e.g. porosity) is possible. 

2.2. Clay & Kaolins

Air-floated: milled clay using an air-swept mill, such as a roller mill (pendulum mill in Europe).

Mechanically dried: shredded clay in which the moisture has been reduced from 18-20% to about 10-12%.

Shredded (sometimes called disintegrated): undried lumps of clay that have been reduced from quarry run size to 25mm – 50mm.

Slurry: clay produced from blunging lump clays using dispersants. It is shipped with a consistency of approximately 62% suspended solids.


Product characteristics

The characteristics for each category of products are broad and demonstrate why these minerals can be used for such an extensive range of applications. This list is not exhaustive. For information about terms and definitions used, refer to the glossary.