Students & Graduates

Lhoist firmly invests in the future, not just in terms of the environment and our careful use of natural resources, but especially in our people. By visiting secondary schools, colleges and university campuses throughout the world, we invite students to get to know Lhoist and our industry. Our solutions are present all around us and help to make lives more comfortable. We offer students the opportunity to contribute to that in a number of ways. 


Students perform tasks during their summer vacation. This offers a unique introduction to the processing of lime, dolime and minerals, as well as to the world of work in general. Assignments may be extended to include more specific experience. 


As part of your university studies, and as required by your place of education, Lhoist can offer hands-on experience in your chosen field of study and our industry. 


With Lhoist you have the opportunity to learn specific skills on the job. An apprenticeship contract provides direct field experience in the area of your chosen profession. If you are successful, you will receive a diploma acknowledging your proficiency that will allow you to use the skills you have acquired in a subsequent job. Apprenticeships are only possible in some countries. Check availability in your area by Searching Open Positions 


Lhoist actively encourages further research into lime and minerals and how they are produced and processed. We therefore support postgraduate students (Masters and PhD) in areas of study that impact or touch our business. All postgraduate projects must be approved by the student’s educational institution before we can consider them.