What is Furnace Sorbent Injection (FSI) process?

The sorbent instantly decomposes into a porous and extremely reactive form of quicklime that will selectively neutralize SO2. Under these conditions the acid gas capture is very efficient because the competitive reaction with CO2 cannot occur at such high temperatures. The capture of halogen acid gases is more limited. However, the injected sorbent will continue to react in the downstream process to remove these pollutants. 

Coupled with a downstream FGT installation, FSI is an extremely efficient and flexible solution for pre-treating heavy SO2-loaded gases or treating SO2 peaks. 

Lhoist product range dedicated to FSI

Sorbacal® SPS has been proven to be the most efficient sorbent for this demanding application.

  • Sorbacal® SPS
  • Sorbacal® A
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Furnace Sorbent Injection