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We provide comprehensive application-specific advice for every stage in the water treatment plant with emphasis on stabilisation and filtration using selected Akdolit filter materials.

In doing so, we give priority to optimising your water supply chemicallyprocedurally and economically.

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Pilot testing

Maximise efficiency in your water treatment project! 

‘Pilot’ or ‘Bench-scale’ testing is an approved method for optimisation of your water treatment processes. With our comprehensively equipped laboratory, we have the facilities to simulate the specific working conditions of your water treatment plant. The results of these tests enable us to show possibilities for optimisation of your filter unit.
The tests can also serve as a basis for planning the construction of new water works and the redevelopment of existing ones.

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The optimal water treatment is determinated by specific tests on site.

Akdolit helps you in running on-site-trials to find the most suitable solution for your water plant. Akdolit and its partner 'AWA Institut' will provide you technical support and analytic equipment for your trial. The 'AWA Institut' is an independent certified service laboratory with a long experience in water chemistry and treatment.

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AWA Institut

Our partner the AWA-Institut is a private independent laboratory with more than 50 years of experience in water and filter material analysis, applied water chemistry, and process engineering for water treatment.

The AWA-Institut is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and therefore officially recognized as an independent testing laboratory.


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