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While you are shifting from university to business, Lhoist can offer hands-on experience in your chosen filed of study in our industry. We offer opportunities for students and graduates in the following areas:

Study Programs:
  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
Post-Graduate Programs:
  • VIE
  • Work-Study

If you are looking for an enriching opportunity, check our job boards (link to job offers) and the governmental agency websites.

A word from our interns

They talk about their experience as interns at Lhoist

" I can tell that Lhoist truly cares about their employees, and emphasizes effective communication with everyone. This is a perfect way to learn more about how HR is supposed to run in a company. I believe this learning opportunity will help to develop my expertise in the HR field. "

Portrait picture of Mira McCoy from Lhoist North America
Mira McCoy

HR analyst

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