Bring positive change to our communities

Being part of the communities in which we operate is a tradition for the Lhoist Group and its shareholders. It is also at the core of our business, in which trust is essential to build and engage in structured, proactive long-term relationships. We forge lasting local partnerships, that are founded on relationships with our neighbours. We strive to be actively involved to bring positive change to our communities.  

The group’s focus on communities can be divided into three priority areas:  

  • Education: actively supporting education in the local communities in the areas of engineering, entrepreneurship, and art.  

  • Care: partnering with organisations to ensure the well-being of local communities in terms of physical and mental health.  

  • Neighbourhood: improving the environment around our sites in the interest of safety, environment, and cultural heritage. In addition to this, keeping the local dialogue with our neighbours alive through several events. 

Our goal for 2024



Standardized Complaint Management process in each RD.



Community engagement plan in line with group guidelines in each plant.