We look at innovation and new business development in a multifaceted way. Our mission is to: 

  • drive Lhoist’s strategy of profitable and sustainable organic growth by offering innovative products, processes and services, value-adding solutions, and technical support to meet market requirements for the long term 

  • continue to exploit our many types and diverse qualities of limestone, dolomite and minerals to fulfill the requirements of existing and emerging applications. We place particular emphasis on patented specialty products for individual applications 

  • research new ways to make our operations as energy-efficient as possible 

  • constantly benchmark our technical talent to ensure we remain best in class and communicate this 

  • guarantee scientific knowledge and our intellectual property on a global scale, through partnerships with the world’s leading industry experts and relationships with universities and laboratories. 

This commitment is at the core of all our activities, forming the basis for all our efforts to continue to add real value to your business. 

We focus on our customers and their business. Our aim is to create the products and services they require, in a sustainable way, which is why we invest continuously in New Business Development (NBD) to improve existing solutions and to develop new ones that meet our customers' ongoing needs. This is what makes us a solid and reliable partner, today and in the future. 

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Best solutions for your business

We aim to provide the exact qualities you need for your business: automated, reliable, safe and energy-efficient quarries and treatment facilities. Our kilns are carefully selected in line with each process and we use the most energy-efficient fuels for them. One of our goals is to limit waste, which is why we continuously strive to optimize our consumption of raw materials to achieve this. 

Sustainable practices for the future

In our fast-changing and increasingly regulated world, Lhoist’s R&D department focuses specifically on ways to address environmental challenges. We are committed to developing sustainable solutions in response to vital environmental issues, particularly in the areas of water and gas treatment, agriculture and the steel industry. Our experienced research centers provide a platform for training and technical development for sales and production resources. They also serve as laboratories for pilot projects and trials. These can be implemented both in Lhoist’s plants and at your facilities. 

Continous innovation

We constantly strive to improve existing products and design new concepts. This is achieved through close cooperation with customers and experts. 

Our solutions are already present in your daily life. To assure a better future, Lhoist conducts continuous research to increase the benefits that our products provide. At our pilot plant facilities, researchers simulate new methodologies to show how we can reinforce the expansion and enhancement of your product portfolios. 

More than one thousand different types of limestone, dolomite and other minerals have already been discovered around the world. We use our extensive background and scientific knowledge to adapt their properties and transform them into new and innovative industrial products.  

An expanding business

Our emphasis has always been on the search for new markets, the co-development of innovative applications, and the launch of products and services that enhance customer satisfaction. This is especially true in the domains of steel, the environment, civil engineering and agriculture. We undertake applied research throughout the group. These efforts draw on collaborative partnerships with customers, renowned academics, research institutions, international experts and private partnerships. They require extensive financial and human resources and allow us to develop original concepts for clients in various industries. Our actions also enable us to enter previously untapped markets for future applications to help make lives increasingly more comfortable. 

We place significant emphasis on the development of truly sustainable products, processes and services to meet our clients’ needs and support our organic growth.

Lhoist inovations

Lhoist's Intellectual Property Department ensures the protection of the Group's intellectual property rights, while managing almost 490 patents that have already been granted in addition to more than 450 patents awaiting approval (examination procedures in progress). At present, almost 80 inventions have been registered.  

 Many of our innovations are protected by patents, the most notable of which are: 

Lhoist products, processes and categories of products and services offered may be covered by one or more patents in the U.S. and internationally, as indicated below. This website page is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions. In particular it is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). The products and processes listed below may be sold individually or as part of a combination product or process. Additional patent applications may also be pending in the U.S. and internationally. 

Lhoist patents

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