Animal sanitation applications

Lhoist limestone and hydrated lime products are widely used in animal sanitation applications as breeders and consumers increasingly turn to all-natural, environmentally-friendly solutions. They are also included in some formulations of litter for domestic pets. 

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Livestock sanitation

Calcinating limestone and/or dolomite refines calcium/magnesium to produce calcium/magnesium oxide, making it an extremely natural product, available as a fine powder, in granular form or mixed with water as milk of lime/lime slurry and protects livestock health in a number of ways. 

Pet litter

Specific selected limestone particles are an ingredient in some formulations of pet litter as a pH adjustment component to neutralize odours. Lime is also one of the basic raw materials used in the production of synthetic pet litters, which are mainly composed of calcium hydro silicates. 

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