The nature of our operations has the potential to influence the ecology and communities around our facilities. Owning and operating a diverse range of geological deposits and manufacturing facilities in different countries and ecosystems around the world, the responsible and careful use of our natural resources, and the protection of our surrounding environment has long been at the heart of our actions and long-term vision. Every day, Lhoist teams work hard to push back boundaries. Together, we optimise resources and energy responsibly for generations to come using less, longer and smarter. 

rotary kiln in a plant

Emission intensity

Our ambition is to reduce specific carbon emissions from fuel combustion by 50% by 2030 compared to 2018.

Offshore and onshore windmill park ,Windmill farm green energy at sea,Windmill turbines by the ocean

Renewable electricity

We actively engage with partners in renewable electricity projects.

pipes allowing carbon capture

Carbon capture challenge

Our teams are developing tomorrow's best technologies and collaborating with a diverse set of partners to engineer the solutions of the future.

stones in a plant

Resource valorization

We strive for zero-waste processing and commit to providing our customers with responsibly sourced products and solutions. 

A red and brown butterfly on a puple flower in a green landscape


Lhoist aspires to maintain and enhance biodiversity in order to support the resilience of the ecosystems that surround our sites.