Sorbacal® is a specific trademark for flue gas treatment (FGT). Our sorbents offer excellent results for a wide variety of industries using various processes and types of fuel: from coal to biomass and refuse-derived fuel (RDF).  

Our premium-quality lime, mineral products ands blends are specifically engineered for neutralizing acid gas and capturing micro-pollutants.

view on a flue gas treatment plant with pipes
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Our Sorbacal® benefits

Excellent results and maximum value: 

  • cost optimization
  • increased process performance
  • ease of use
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Our Sorbacal® expertise

Our offer is based on the services of our strong international Research & Development team and local technical centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Lhoist offers a full scale plant trial supported by strategic collaboration with universities and industrial partners. We work also closely with FGT system designers and suppliers as well as industry technical consultants and engineering firms.


Sorbacal® is a registered trademark of S.A. Lhoist Recherche et Développement.

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