At Lhoist, we focus on our impact for the next generations and believe in continuity and long-term thinking. Our profit pillar is not only concerned about the financial profitability of our company but mostly about generating profits with a bigger purpose.  We want to focus on investing in innovative products, new ways of operating, and groundbreaking partnerships to drive better utilization of resources. 

Together, we strengthen our business for the prosperous future of our company, our employees, and our customers. 

A multidisciplinary team of business partners of different ages interacting in the boardroom of a bright, spacious modern office, seen through a transparent glass wall

Supply Chain and Procurement

We collaborate with suppliers to reduce waste and increase the life and efficiency of the goods and services we procure, giving preference to suppliers with the best track record on sustainability. 

infinity sign in the sky showing circular economy

Circular Economy

Our ambition is to minimize pressure on natural resources and emissions through the creation of local business opportunities for waste streams management.