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An opportunity to combine health and support to communities 

Started in 2019, the Move&Care challenge has become a yearly tradition for the Lhoist group with a dual role of increasing the physical activity and wellbeing of all our employees and contributing to society.   

Using the AtlasGo app, employees are encouraged to engage in physical activities to collect points, altogether these points are then converted into a donation for selected charities. The first edition of Move&Care was done in partnership with the “ToWalkAgain” foundation, with the presence of Marc Herremans for kick off and to reward our best teams.  

Employees raised over 28,000€ for “ToWalkAgain”, to support the charity in offering rehabilitation facilities and activities to disabled persons. Ever since, the challenge has become a yearly tradition for our group, and an opportunity for employees to show their engagement, promote good causes and share nice moments together while taking care of their health.  

view from the back on adult with child on his shoulders

The 2022 Edition: Going Above and Beyond

In the spring of 2022, our dedicated employees once again poured their hearts into shaping a brighter future by amassing an impressive 1.5 million hearts through the Move&Care challenge. Approximately 700 employees united in walking, running, or biking toward this collective achievement.

This year, we broadened the horizons of well-being by incorporating activities that promote mental health, such as reading, meditation, and quality time with family.

It provided us with an opportunity to create memorable moments together, compete for the best selfie, and, most importantly, raise over €40,000 for distribution among 15 charities worldwide.

At Lhoist, 'caring' is not just a word; it's a core value deeply ingrained in our culture. Once again, through Move & Care, we have demonstrated our unwavering commitment to our communities.

Move & Care 2023

The 2023 Edition: Making Waves of Impact

Once again this year, our Move & Care initiative demonstrates the remarkable impact of unity and shared purpose. Over 1,500 of our employees participated in this journey, resulting in a notable collective achievement—5.5 million hearts gathered, symbolizing our commitment to making a positive difference in the communities around our operations.

It was about people coming together, with over 93,900 activities performed with their colleagues, families, friends, children, and pets.

This year, in keeping with our commitment to communities, the Lhoist Group, through the Lhoist Solidarity Fund, will donate €86,500 to support 15 local charities across our global operations. These contributions reflect our dedication to leaving a positive impact in the regions where we operate.

Date of publication 13.10.23