Values & Ethics

Our values and philosophy form the basis of everything we do and are at the heart of our culture. They have enabled us to reach the top of our industry and are key to helping us maintain this position for the long term. Our global workforce, which embraces team diversity and reflects the societies in which we operate, is therefore crucial for building an open and unified company. For us, our people matter and so do our suppliers, customers, stakeholders, and communities around us. 

group of people stacking hands together


Being transparent and open, listening and accepting differences, dealing fairly with everyone, and honoring our commitments.

Walking the talk, placing the company’s and our customer's interests first, being authentic in all matters, demonstrating loyalty and being ethical.

Being pioneers, voicing opinions, raising the bar, and challenging each other to grow.

Portrait of an employee sit in a quarry looking at the horizon


We are proud industrialists. 

We are passionate about our business and excellence. 

We are a family-owned company and wish to remain so. 

Our roots are vital. 

We believe in continuity and long-term thinking. 

We are driven by our customers and markets. 

We constantly nurture our relationships with customers and stakeholders. 

We are pioneers. 

We look beyond boundaries, seize and generate opportunities to shape the future. 

Our people make it all happen. 

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines fundamental ethical and business principles, guiding our employees to make the right decisions in their daily work. We have formalized internal rules on doing business without corruption in our “Anti-Corruption Policy”. It contains guidelines, standards and procedures aimed at helping each Lhoist employee as well as our business partners to comply with applicable anti-corruption laws and principles. Training is provided to every Lhoist employee in support of these guidelines, ensuring continuous awareness among current and new employees. 

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