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Agriculture & forestry applications

Burnt lime, limestone, dolomite and other proprietary minerals are used in agriculture and forestry, both to correct soil acidity and to provide the crop with nutrients that contain magnesium and calcium. Calcium and magnesium are essential for healthy plant growth and to increase crop yield. This allows a better utilization of the cropping land and improves the efficacy of expensive fertilizers, thus reducing their environmental impact, like ground water. 

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Soil conditioning and nutrition

Soil fertility is primarily related to the combination of minerals with the organic and the inorganic fractions, which, if well balanced, provide optimum air and water exchange. Rational soil amendment can be achieved by using calcium to improve the soil's physical structure, resulting in a better chemical balance and boosting the soil's biology. By controlling topsoil acidity with the strong base that our products contain, you can also facilitate better plant uptake of expensive fertilizers.


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Plant protection

Calcium hydroxide is a basic substance listed in the European Pesticides Database. Calcium hydroxide is indeed approved for organic farming use in Europe to manage Neonectria galligena on pome fruits. It is applied at end of leaf drop or directly to pruning wounds and old cancers on stems from winter to March.

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