Partnering with the Wildlife Habitat Council to promote biodiversity in North America

North America

Bobcat with tree in background

An expert in local conservation

The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) is a non-profit organization that works with corporate partners to establish, enhance, maintain, and protect wildlife habitat worldwide through projects concentrating on conservation, education, employee engagement, and community involvement.

We are proud of our membership with them started a few years ago. This partnership with the WHC provides structure to allow us to develop projects that elevate existing activities to locally impact conservation and continue to be good stewards in our communities. 

deer in woods

An ongoing effort on our American sites

In the context of this partnership, we had the opportunity to complete a corporate conservation assessment, as a follow up, we are now working on conservation projects at individual sites across the company through the United States. For example, our O’Neal plant in Alabama has completed a species inventory. They are now using native plants and trees as part of its ongoing reclamation activities.  

In addition to the biodiversity and conservation benefits, these projects are highly appreciated by employees, it gives them an opportunity to make a difference. It also provides additional value to the communities in which we operate by protecting unique wildlife habitats. 

Date of publication 11.01.23