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Laboratory services

For over 20 years Lhoist’s corporate Research & Development center has been developing innovative lime products, providing technical service and generating application knowhow for the FGT industry. Our R&D teams work worldwide in close collaboration with our local commercial staff and customers.

Our laboratories use state-of-the-art analytical equipment to characterize the fresh sorbent and FGT residue ash from your installation. In addition, we have developed application tests to benchmark the sorbent performance in all types of FGT applications.

Process optimization

Our teams work closely with you to ensure the optimal operation of your FGT process. This is done with a variety of tools and services. On-site visits enable our experts to collect FGT residue samples and measure flue gas composition. Computer simulation – using computational fluid dynamics and reaction kinetic models – allows accurate predictions of your process. We offer a suite of proprietary process equipment designed to improve the industrial performance of our sorbents in your system.

On-site trial in Belgium with Sorbacal Lhoist product

On-site trials

We are fully equipped to carry out on-site customer trials with our own injection and storage equipment, specialized injection companies and/or your installed DSI installation.

During a trial our technical teams use our portable on-line flue gas analyzers to measure the gas phase removal efficiency, and to collect sorbents and residue samples for detailed off-line analysis in our laboratories.

Flexible logistics

The logistics involved in delivering finished products to our diverse customers depends on the distance, geographical position and site storage constraints, as well as the means of transport available.

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