Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is Lhoist’s governing body. It is chaired by Baron Berghmans and comprises other family members as well as external members who are active in different industries worldwide. 

The Chief Executive Officer, Marcos França, is in charge of Lhoist’s daily management with the support of the Group Executive Committee. 


  • Baron Berghmans 
    Jean-Pierre Berghmans joined Lhoist in 1974. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Board Member in 1979, Chairman of the Executive Board in 1985 and Chairman of the Group in 2011.
  • Annemiek M. Fentener van Vlissingen
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors, SHV Holdings N.V.
  • Monique F. Leroux
    Member of the Board of Directors and Chairwoman of the ESG Committee of Michelin
    Member of the Board of Directors and Chairwoman of the Corporate Governance Committee of BCE/BELLMember of the Board of Directors of COUCHE-TARD
    Member of the Board of Directors and Chairwoman of the Université de Sherbrooke
    Senior Advisor for TENEO
  • Elisabeth van der Vaeren 
  • Olivier Berghmans 
    Founder and manager of Les cabanes de Rensiwez
    Co-founder and managing partner of Les cabanes des Dolimarts
  • Vincent Berghmans 
  • Jean-Marc Etlin
    Chairman Latin America, CVC Capital Partners
  • Pierre Gurdjian
    Senior leader in education, governance and philanthropy.
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Université libre de Bruxelles.
    Member of the Board of Directors and its Nomination and Remuneration Committees of Solvay.
    Member of the Board of Directors and its Governance, Nomination and Compensation Committee of UCB.
    Co-Founder of the leadership development platform for societal leaders Belgium’s 40 under 40.
  • Michel Tilmant
    Managing Director of Strafin sprl
    Member of the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas SA
    Member of the Board of Directors of Foyer Finance SA
  • Marcos França

Other responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors


Nomination & Remuneration Committee:

  • Baron Berghmans, Chairman;
  • Jean-Marc Etlin 

Audit Committee:

  • Michel Tilmant, Chairman;
  • Baron Berghmans 

Group Executive Committee

Marcos França Chief executive officer
cedric de vicq
Cedric De Vicq CEO Lhoist Europe
Benjamin Henry Chief financial officer
Frederic Meessen Chief legal officer & secretary general
Portrait of Philipp Niemann, LNA CEO
Philipp Niemann CEO Lhoist North America
Portrait of Laurent Yvon, CHRO
Laurent Yvon Chief Human Resources Officer
portrait of Vincent Dujardin
Vincent Dujardin Chief Technical Officer