Chemicals applications

Our calcium and magnesium lime-based products and minerals are used as a filler component, a neutralizing agent, or a chemical reagent in the production of many organic and inorganic chemicals. Lime and mineral products have numerous applications in the chemical industry due to their natural properties, consistent quality, and competitive price. They are an ingredient in the manufacture of many of the substances that we use every day, such as leather, wine, paint, soap, citric acids, anti-freeze and more. Lhoist products also play a role in the transition from fossil fuels (oil, coal, lignite) to alternative green fuels, such as bioethanol, biogas and biodiesel. We are a proven solid, long-term partner of global chemistry firms. 

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Chemical Industry

At Lhoist, we have developed a wide range of lime, dolime and mineral-based products with consistent qualities specifically for the chemical industry: 

  • Calcium oxide 

  • Calcium hydroxide 

  • Calcium carbonate 

  • Calcium-magnesium-based oxide and carbonate 

  • Chemical industries that use lime products can be classified into three principal subfields of industrial chemistry: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and parachemistry. 


Chemicals Applications

Lime products are used in many of the products we encounter every day: 

  • Citric acid: a raw material for the beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. 

  • Polyhydric alcohols used for adhesives, natural glues, paints and coatings (e.g. as a white pigment extender (diluent) in emulsion paints). 

  • Propylene oxide: a precursor to the propylene glycols from which polyurethane plastics are made. Propylene oxide is also used in the production of wetting agents, solvents, anti-freeze agents, resins, emulsifiers and surfactants. 

  • Calcium soap: an important raw material for the paper industry, lubricant and stabilizer in the production of plastics, lubricants in the metal industry. 

  • Calcium carbonates and minerals for cosmetics, such as the abrasives found in toothpaste, for matting in powder, or to produce a peeling effect. 

  • Pharmaceuticals/special foods: such as a tablet excipient, for acid regulation in calcium effervescent tablets in mineral mixes, baby food and dietary foodstuffs. 

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