Our dead-burnt dolomite products protect equipment (kilns, convertors, electric arc furnaces, and so on) during the thermal processes used in the iron and steel, glass, cement and ceramic industries. Sinter dolomite forms the basis of refractory bricks and mortars.

Sinter dolomite is produced when dolomite is calcined at very high temperatures. It can be used as a refractory product in granular form to repair linings. When moulded into bricks, it fits into the refractory linings of casting ladles and cement kilns.

In the steel-refining process, for example, the use of dolime instead of pure quicklime extends the life of refractory linings. Adding dolime creates MgO in solution in the slag. As MgO particles in suspension provide excellent coating protection, exceptional buffering capacity is assured. Excess MgO precipitates, protecting refractories and tap holes. This reduces the need for gunning and repairs.

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