Some quarried materials and/or recycled products contain useful aggregates, but they are difficult to process in the crusher/screener due to their extremely sticky clay content. As a result, they are removed at the primary crushing stage. Such clay-clogged materials are even more difficult to process in wet conditions (see pictures before and after treatment). 

Close up of pile of limestone rocks

Improved-quality aggregates are more valuable in the market, generating a higher yield of commercialized quarry output. Our products are available in powdered form. They can be delivered in bulk or in big bags/super sacks. 

Suitable mixing equipment can be installed to complement or complete existing quarry primary crusher/screener processing units (fixed or mobile). 

Our products are simply side-conveyed to the mixer, after which the mix rejoins the usual process route. Together with external partners, we at Lhoist have developed different types of mixing equipment to treat, recycle, and upgrade difficult materials. The lime-enriched parts of these materials, after screening aggregates, are an ideal filling material with excellent mechanical compaction properties.