Lhoist has a range of products for hot and cold mixed asphalts, that can be used for road construction and maintenance. 

Tailor-made mixtures with fillers are also available. They require no modification of the dosing installation at the customer site. These mictures improve asphalt quality in terms of resistance to water stripping, frost-thaw cycles, de-icing salts, age-hardening, and rutting. 

According to feedbacks from infrastructure owners, hydrated lime added to asphalt mixtures has been proven to increase pavement durability by 25% or more. 

Tack coat protection

Lhoist has also developed a liquid solution to prevents tack coats from being damaged during road construction. 

Tack coat integrity needs to be preserved to: 

  • ensure the durability of the road structure. Lack of adhesion between asphalt layers has been proven to reduce durability by a factor of five. 
  • keep the area around the job site clean, leaving construction equipment and neighboring road markings free from bitumen marks. 

Many studies by road authorities have demonstrated the beneficial impacts that our products have on the adhesive bond between road structure layers.