Converter Lime - an efficient soil fertilizer


Lhoist has a long history of supplying lime to the steel industry. Throughout the steel industrial process, lime is used for different purposes. One application is in the purification step. In this step, lime will allow the removal of different components such as phosphorus, manganese, and carbon. Additionally, with the addition of silica in the converter process, converter lime will be generated.

Field with small plants growing

Another step towards a circular economy

As a byproduct of steel production, converter lime finds application in agriculture as it contains all the nutrients and substances needed in farming, especially for the fertilization of plants and soils. How does it work? Fertilizing fields and meadows with converter lime sets an optimal pH value in the soil and provides plants with silicic acid, benefiting plants in several ways. 

The dual use of lime in the steel industry with subsequent use in agriculture has allowed decades of active resource conservation and brings us another step closer to a circular economy. 

Date of publication 20.10.22