Giving a second life to a co-product


Lhoist developed and patented a process to transform a ladle slag (mother slag) into a calcium aluminate called Calexor® Aluminate. This recycled material is reinjected into the steelmaking process to remove impurities at the ladle furnace.  

brown powder

A perfect example of circularity

The metallurgical performance at industrial scale of the Calexor® Aluminate is similar to virgin calcium aluminate. Moreover, the CO2 emission from Calexor® Aluminate is lower (0.1 t CO2 / t product) than a virgin calcium aluminate (1.6 t CO2 / t product). 

This combination of giving a second life to a co-product and reducing the CO2 emission in the process (vs. raw material) is a perfect example of circularity. 

Date of publication 20.10.22