Giving second-hand rail cars another life


Recycled rail cars as part of our transportation solution

Part of our daily operations is the transportation of lime to our customers. When looking for a rail car company to renew part of our fleet in France, we have found a variety of suppliers and decided to choose the one with the most sustainable solution. Instead of renting newly manufactured rail cars, we chose a company that re-manufactures old ones. This concept goes hand in hand with our effort towards more sustainable purchasing decisions.  

Recycling, repairing, reusing

By now, we are using 100 second-hand rail cars which were transformed by the company Ermewa according to Lhoist needs and specifications. With 30 more railcars to be delivered by end of September 2022, we are looking forward to further grow the fleet.  

We are happy to contribute with this purchasing decision to a more sustainable way of transportation by following the concept of “recycling, repairing, reusing”.   

Date of publication 13.10.22