Improving energy efficiency through Parallel flow regenerative kiln (PFRK) investments

Why Parallel flow regenerative kiln are considered the most energy efficient type of kiln?

The PFRK is the most energy efficient type of kiln currently in widespread use. It consists of two vertical shafts that alternate between a burning and a preheating phase, whereby the hot combustion gasses of the burning shaft are used to preheat the limestone in the parallel shaft. The result is an excellent energy efficient output. 

The PFRK also support a higher production capacity than older types of kilns, allowing us to more efficiently allocate production according to proximity to the client, thus paring down our logistical needs.  

Lhoist PFRK projects

Lhoist already operates many PFRK’s and we are continuously investing in replacing older kilns with this more efficient model. In 2013 we upgraded our old kiln for a PFRK at our Neau plant in France, for an efficiency gain of 54% or an emissions reduction of more than 10.000 tons of CO2 per year.  

Similar projects are currently being considered or underway in several locations, most notably in North America and Central Europe. In the last couple of years, we invested in the construction of these state-of-the-art kilns in Montevallo (AL, USA), New Braunfels (TX, USA), and Marbles Falls (TX, USA). It demonstrates our commitment to invest to replace less efficient installations. 

Date of publication 19.10.22