The future of mining: a new Remote Operations Center in Flandersbach (Germany)

Flandersbach, Germany

People in office in white and blue colours with screens

A long term project

The implementation of the "ROC - Remote Operations Center” was achieved in 2021 as part of our operations innovation program. In the medium term, the ROC is to establish itself as the central control center for Lhoist in Germany, and over the coming years will successively take over the control and monitoring of various production facilities across the country.  

This project is a significant milestone. But even more so, it is a shining example of what a team of specialists can achieve when all those involved stand behind the common goal and want to be successful together. 

View on the back of a man with blue shirt in front of screens

Strong example of industry digitalization

We had the honor to welcome Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart for a visit in Flandersbach. During the minister's visit the focus was on securing access to raw materials, the transformation to a C02-free lime production and the digitalization of the industry. The visit of the ROC was therefore a great example of Lhoist ambition to lead innovation in the lime industry. 

Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart emphasized: "Companies like Lhoist show how industry is driving climate protection with innovations and digital measures. The basic materials industry in particular has an important role at the beginning of the value chain: If Lhoist leads the way, other sectors will follow achieving the climate targets”. 

Date of publication 20.10.22