Valorization of lime kiln dust (LKD) at Tarnów Opolski and Górażdże, Poland

Tarnów Opolski and Górażdże, Poland

Lime kiln dust (LKD) is a co-product of the lime manufacturing operation. As we strive for zero-waste processing, we have found an innovative solution that allows us to stop generating waste in the form of stored lime kiln dust (LKD). 

An innovative process

Instead of mixing LKD with stone processing waste or directly mixing it with lime during extraction, we have invested in the construction of a precise LKD dosing installation for individual ball mills.

In addition to decreasing waste during the lime manufacturing process, this allows us to avoid quality problems of the produced lime related to segregation or uneven concentration.  

With this new process, we obtain a high-quality product, and, at the same time avoid generating waste in the form of stored LKD. This represents another step towards zero-waste processing and our commitment to providing our customers with responsibly sourced products. 

Date of publication 20.10.22