Women in Leadership at Lhoist (WILL)

Women in Leadership at Lhoist

WILL program

At Lhoist, we proudly offer the Women in Leadership at Lhoist (WILL) program, designed to empower women leaders and nurture emerging talent. WILL aims to enhance the effectiveness of women in leadership roles by providing essential skills and unwavering support for success. The program is dedicated to increasing women's representation in all levels in the organization , fostering a diverse and inclusive leadership landscape. WILL participants are encouraged to mentor junior female talents, facilitating knowledge transfer and fostering professional growth. Through a culture of mentorship and support, WILL cultivates empowered female leaders ready for success.

The WILL program promotes allyship and collaboration among employees by encouraging networking between participants and their male counterparts. This fosters a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all. Supported by partners like IMD Business School and Lhoist's Executive Management Team, WILL is positioned to drive significant change, empowering women leaders and creating a more equitable future.