WOW process: Work out of WORK process!

Lhoist North America

Steel workers fastening steel to crane in factory

Ergonomic Improvement Process

Ergonomic-related injuries made up nearly 70% of our regional injuries each year. Risk factors include Awkward Posture, Repetitive Motion, Excessive Force.  

As a result, one of our teams implemented a new Ergonomic Improvement Process called Work out of WORK (WOW!). With this new process, employees can identify Ergonomic improvements around the sites and help reduce risk factor exposure. Employees received Ergonomic Awareness Training and have the opportunity to offer solutions and be a part of making tasks safer, easier and more efficient.  

All ergonomic successes are documented and shared across regions!  

The WOW process was awarded a LNA President’s Award for Excellence in Safety in 2021.