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High surface area, extra-fine hydrated lime

Sorbacal® A is a hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2).

Technical information


Sorbacal® A is characterized by a high specific surface area of typically 35 m²/g (BET), a porous volume of typically 0.12 cm³/g (BJH) and more specifically a very fine particle size distribution (average diameter of 2 - 3 µm).  

A unique production process results in improved flow behavior. This makes Sorbacal® A the product of choice for all FGT applications requiring good sorbent dispersion, such as an ESP dry process at 300-350°C, or furnace sorbent injection (FSI) at temperatures of 850-950 °C.  


Pollutants captured

Close-up on a flue gas treatment factory chimney
  • SO2
  • HCI
  • HF
  • SO3
  • SeO2

Others: H3PO4, HBr

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