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Activated, highly porous hydrated lime with best-in-class performance 

Sorbacal® SPS is an activated enhanced hydrated lime with the highest acid gas removal performance. It was developed especially for removing acid gas pollutants using dry or combined processes.  

Technical information


Sorbacal® SPS has a specific surface area of typically 40 m²/g (BET) and a porous volume of typically 0.20 cm³/g (BJH). The particle size of Sorbacal® SPS is designed for optimal reactivity, flowability and handling.  

This dry, white, ready-to-use powder meets high SO2 removal demands. Sorbacal® SPS has the same physical and chemical characteristics as Sorbacal® SP, but is activated at the time of production to improve performance. Also, like Sorbacal® SP, it does not require prior milling and is applicable for a very wide temperature range between 50-900 °C. Sorbacal® SPS has an improved electrical resistivity making it compatible with electrostatic precipitators. 

Pollutants captured

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  • SO2
  • HCI
  • HF
  • SO3
  • SEO2

Others: H3PO4, HBr

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