Sorbacal® benefits

Our Sorbacal® sorbents offer excellent capture for a wide range of acidic pollutants and micro-pollutants. Besides efficient pollutant capture, the use of the Sorbacal sorbents results in a large number of benefits for your process. Additional gains are achieved by combining our products with our customized services and solutions for your particular FGT equipment and operation.

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Cost optimization

  • Lowest overall cost solution
  • Zero water consumption
  • Low capex
  • Low power consumption
  • Rapid system response
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Increased operational performance

  • Superior capture performance
  • Higher plant thermal efficiency
  • Rapid system response
  • No impact on flue gas temperature
  • Optimize particle size
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Ease of use

  • Zero water consumption
  • Low capex
  • Small footprint
  • Rapid system repsonse
  • Mult-pullutant removal

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