Our suppliers help us succeed

Their continual need for better performance stimulates innovation and creativity at all levels within Lhoist. We expect the same from our suppliers. Fresh and creative ideas not only grow our relationship, but also offer mutual benefits and help drive us all toward excellence. 

As safe, efficient, and innovative suppliers are of strategic significance to the success of our group strategy, it is crucial key that our suppliers, and every level in their value chain, uphold the same standards as we do and that we strive to make a positive difference to people’s lives and to the planet at large together, while securing our long-term prosperity. By suppliers, we mean companies or individuals that provide goods, services, or consulting services to the Lhoist Group. 

Worker Wearing Safety Uniform and Hard Hat Putting on Glasses

Suppliers Code of Conduct

Building on our Code of Conduct and other applicable policies, our Supplier Code of Conduct seeks compliance with international convention standards, among others, those of the International Labor Organization, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and with applicable national and local laws and regulations. We therefore expect all our suppliers, their own employees, agents and sub-tier suppliers to at least adhere to the same standards. 

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