Contributing to society

Being part of the communities in which we operate is a tradition for the Lhoist Group and its shareholders

The long-term health of our business is dependent on the long-term health of our societies, and we are committed to growth for everyone who supports us and depends on us. 

Beyond the essential resources that we provide to major markets through the world, our economic contribution also includes the taxes that we pay to national and local governments, the employment that we create, both indirectly and directly, the opportunities that we offer to suppliers as well as our investments in local communities. We have a role in promoting and supporting long-lasting local economic development, through coordination, cooperation, and dialogue with all our stakeholders, including governments, civil society, communities, and business partners.  

We strive to buy local products and services; employ local people and we also invest in supporting local communities through education and training.  

Lime and minerals are essentials elements in today’s world, and we believe that we can make a significant contribution to the societies we operate in, with our production activities, through the jobs that we create and the communities that we support, thus delivering long-term value to all our stakeholders. 

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