Desalination applications

Desalination processes remove inorganic, organic and biological components from seawater, brackish water, and tertiary treated wastewater, to obtain high quality water that can be reintroduced into the drinking water cycle. Desalination offers a drought-resilient, weather-independent, and local supply of high-quality water.

Akdolit®, our brand for desalination

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Remineralization / pH adjustement

For drinking water production, it is indispensable to replenish the permeate from reverse osmosis membranes or distillate from thermal processes with vital minerals. For this purpose, remineralization using Akdolit® lime-based and filtration products presents many advantages.

In addition, product water from desalination processes can cause corrosion in metal piping or concrete tanks. Consequently, desalinated water requires stabilization to ensure the protection of the distribution network and of human health. Akdolit® lime-based and filtration reagents are effective for pH control and offer greater flexibility over alternative alkali in terms of water input quality.



A prefiltration step is highly recommended to remove algae, turbidity and suspended solids, in order to protect the RO membranes and extend their lifespan. Akdolit® offers high-performance filtration materials with large contact surfaces and high retention capacity, which have proven their reliability and effectiveness in numerous applications.


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