Water treatment

Water treatment sub-markets

Drinking water

The water processed at a drinking treatment plant is supplied to households and industries. It needs to meet drinking water standards and must be pure as it is crucial to sustaining human life on earth.
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Desalination aims to remove mineral and biological components from seawater or brackish water, to obtain clean water that can be reintroduced into the drinking water cycle. Desalination offers a drought-resilient, weather-independent and local supply of high-quality water.
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Municipal wastewater

Wastewater is the water that originates from households (after use) and treated industrial effluents and is further processed to be reintroduced into a natural body of water and/or used for non-potable purposes.
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Industrial water

Many industries require large quantities of softened water, in particular as cooling water for circuits and boilers, to prevent the formation of scale.
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Sludge treatment

Sludge is the solids generated from municipal and industrial effluent treatment and is further processed before it is re-used or disposed of.
Tank or reservoir for biological purification and cleaning of dirty sewage water by active sludge.

Additional environmental applications of lime

All other environmental applications of lime.
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